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Our parts and components are steady,
long-lifespan and precision, widely used across different industries, such as aviation, automation, electron, measuring, medical care etc. We provide all kinds of parts production services that better match your final product designs.

  • Parts-pre-production-prototype

    We get your parts pre-production for your quality assurance and market analysis.

  • CNC-parts-HMLV-production

    HMLV (high mixed, low volume) and mass production can be achieved at Kachi.

  • Metal-surfact-finish
    Surface Finish

    With extensive metal finishing capabilities, we can produce parts with surface finishes.

  • CNC-parts-assembly

    You could test your innovated products once you receive the assembled parts.

Why Kachi?

Maximize Our Abilities. Minimize Your Worries.

  • Production-timeline-control-icon

    Timeline Control

    We know your sense of urgency. Excellent teamwork and great timeline control truly allow us to run urgent and low-volume projects.

  • Budget-control-icon

    Budget Control

    Our PCMs are experts in finding superior materials and efficient technologies to meet your budget. We provide exclusive budget plan too.

  • CNC-machining-experience-icon

    Industry-Leading Experience

    Kachi has been serving Fortune 500s and elite teams. Their relatively high requirements and industry-leading knowledge make us move on all the time.

  • Cooperation-icon

    Specialists Behind You

    Kachi staff is knowledgeable and self-motivation makes us a united working atmosphere. These are the key to our efficient cooperation.

Machining Insights Feedback

Kachi engineers seriously give feedback or discussion for your every single inquiry. Then, we listen to your ideas and fit your parts requirement by integrating all resources and gathering all the experiences we have. With the go-ahead mind, you innovate products and we upgrade the technology.

  • √ Goal oriented management
  • √ Flexible communication
  • √ Reasonable cost

To Perfection

Our trained inspectors ensure every part will be well produced and inspected according to your specified standard and tolerances, with flexible manual measurement and high-tech measuring instrument. The inspection report from the third-party can also be issued.

  • √ Precision
  • √ Accuracy
  • √ Complexity

Explore The Possibilities

Check our case studies to learn how Kachi made the impossible possible.

  • Technical Problem Of Complex Geometry

    Technical Problem Of Complex Geometry

  • The Milled Brass Sink

    The Milled Brass Sink

  • Precision Machined Camera Of Aviation Component

    Precision Machined Camera Of Aviation Component