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Kachi Mission

Kachi strive to continuously upgrade the equipment and study the most advanced technologies to be a expert in the field. The founder of Kachi took the whole professional life into the high-precision parts machining, leading an outstanding and mature engineering team. Kachi will never reduce the quality for the expediency.


About Kachi

Kachi was founded in Dongguan, China, in 2013 by a machining professional with dedication to the machining industry. With years of successful cooperation, Kachi obtained the approval and recognition of fortune 500s companies. We aim to gain all our client’s satisfaction and learn from challenges.


Our History

Small shop. Big dream.

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Kachi precision is founded by Fu in 2013 and registered in Dongguan as a start-up with 8500USD initial investment.

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We hired the first employee Annie Li, who supports all the complexities of establishing a successful business in the market

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Kachi was officially qualified as a machined parts supplier, as it passed the SGS by on-site auditing.

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Our headquarters moved to the Zhuolin high-tech industry park in Dongguan. Good tools and the environment are prerequisites to the successful execution of a job.