CNC precision parts quality  | Kachi

Quality Is Our No.1 Priority

It pervades every part of what we do-from the quoting to the delivery, we has a sophisticated quality assurance plan applied to every job we do. It allow us to implement the flexible quality control and the resource improvement. These are all about your budget and time.

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    Incoming Materials Check
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    In-Process Quality Check
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    Final Product Quality Check

Enterprise Resource Planning

It is critical to guarantee the whole management of the supply chain, planning, routing, manufacturing, and shipping of the product. The materials requirement planning ensures the correct materials at the right time by collecting huge resources and back-up suppliers over many years.


Strict Traceability

For the incoming materials, we can provide the material certification from our supplier. Once we process the order, for your better control of timeline, we update the manufacturing progress every week for you by sending pictures, videos or video conferencing.

Customer-Driven Inspection

We are able to check your custom parts in two ways against your design
specs for proper precision and dimensional tolerances.

  • In-house-inspection-in-factory
    In-House Inspection

    Kachi combines both of qualified manual measuring and comprehensive measuring instrument as our core of quality control. We have our own independent labs to fulfill your specific performance, test requirements, and specifications in parts material, finish, hardness, heat treatment and coatings.

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    Third-Party Inspection

    The third-party inspection reports can be issued if required in terms of materials, heat treatment and final products. we have been partnering with authoritative inspection agencies which could be our first choice. The inspection agency can be appointed by you as well.